The innovative recording app that high-profile CEOs, entrepreneurs, & politicians view as a must. Learn why

This top-of-the-line professional recording app allows you to seamlessly and conveniently record, transcribe, and share high-quality, secure recordings of any calls, meetings or events.

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What Makes ProCorder Unique

ProCorder synchronizes with the calendar you choose, so you can select which events or meetings to record, once or on a recurring basis. You can also create rules that select matching events for automatic recordings. ProCorder conveniently notifies you of upcoming recordings. Notifications, start time and finish time can all be customized by you. Optionally, you can configure ProCorder to send you daily notifications and help you plan daily recording sessions.

ProCorder is capable of recording outgoing and incoming phone calls, both ad-hoc and automated schedule-based. All phone call recordings are performed without disruption to the call or to participating parties.

With ProCorder, all your information remains safe and secure. Recordings are tamper proof and encrypted both in transit and at rest.

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How to Use The App

To record outgoing calls, simply call your contact through the ProCorder app and they’ll receive a regular phone call from you.

To record incoming calls, accept the call and enable ProCorder within the app to begin recording.

Transcribe any archived audio recording into text, using voice recognition technology. Share both the transcription and recording securely through the encrypted cloud.

With Rule-Based Smart Scheduling, ProCorder syncs to your calendar. Choose which meetings or events to automatically record and ProCorder will “remember” to do it for you!

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